As you may see I have got a little bit behind with the updates for the last few ports of the cruise and this update for Sydney. However this update is much closer to my actual visit then the update for the last ports of call, however I suppose better late then never.

After the last port we visited being Noumea, it was suppose to be a two day trip down to Eden, Australia. The first day went well, however that evening it started to get a little rough, and the following morning there was a lot of pitching in the movement of the ship. At lunch time the captain still believed we would make Eden, however the ability to tender may have been hampered.

Around 7pm the pa system chimed which is very unusual for this time of day and the captain was making an announcement. It seemed that due to the weather and the sea conditions, it would be unlikely that we could make it to Eden on time and a change of course would be made to arrive in Sydney one day early. From some reports this achieved a round of applause right through the ship. I would have enjoyed seeing Eden, but it is also something that I can do another time.

Cruising into Sydney Harbour, aboard Holland America Line MS Volendam

It was good coming into Sydney a day early and being able to spend some time seeing some of Sydney with some new friends. It also made it easy not having to worry about luggage or getting into a hotel for the first day seeing Sydney. Unfortunately we did come in slightly to early to get any great photos however it was still nice getting to see the entrance to the harbour.

I did not have much idea of what to go and see or do today, however one of my new friends had been to Sydney a few times before and took us on the ferry to Watson’s Bay. Getting to Watson’s Bay is an easy ride on the ferry and takes about 30 minutes from the ferry terminal, which at the moment is right behind where the ship docks. Cost was $10.60 return, which is much cheaper the a tour.

Holland America Line, MS Volendam with Sydney Harbour Bridge

There is not a huge amount to see at Watson’s Bay, there is a park and some places to eat near the ferry terminal. However you can also take a short walk and find yourself up at the southern head of the entrance to Sydney Harbour. This gives some really great views back across the harbor towards the city as well as north towards Manly, and out to the pacific ocean.

View back to Sydney from Watson's Bay Area

There are two other features up here that are good to have a look at and read a little about on the placards that are available. These are the Hornby Lighthouse, which was erected in 1858 and the Lightkeeper’s Cottages also built in the same year. Both are good to see and nice little piece of history to see that I am sure many tourists never even know about. Especially the tourists from the cruise ships which this lighthouse helps protect.

Hornby Light, at the Entrance to Sydney Harbour

After returning to Sydney on the ferry, we walked through the CBD a little, and even though it was a public holiday in Sydney, there was still plenty of shopping open. One of the main parts of the Sydney skyline I was interested to see was Sydney Tower, which is where the Sydney observation deck is in Sydney. Meaning this is one of the places that I will be visiting in the next day or two.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night from the deck of MS Volendam

Finally after enjoying dinner on the ship for the last time, our little group from the day got together again and took a little walk around Circular Quay to take a few photo’s of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and our ship at night.

MS Volendam and Sydney Harbour Bridge at night