Well today as I write this I have been back in Australia now for just three weeks, although I must say that it does seem much longer than that. Being back has definitely taken some adjustment, after being away for 80 days; however it is what it is.

Being back in Australia though got me to thinking about my trip and I started going through some photo’s and decided it is about time that I start sharing some more of them. So today I am taking a look back at Venice and sharing some of the bits which I did not have space for while on the road. I hope that you enjoy these extra bits and hope to be able to share some more about a few other places I visited in the near future as well.

Venice in the end turned out to be quite different to my expectations, although before arriving I had not really got many clear expectations. The three things I had really been told were to be careful that it is a dangerous city, it is dirty and you will very easily get lost. Well I can confirm that it is dirty, and while I did not find it dangerous it is always wise to watch your personal belongings even if they are close to you. While I did not get too lost, the occasional dead end did show up.

Dead End Pathway in Venice, some of these end in water, so pay attention to where you are walking

When you are wandering the streets of Venice, it really is worth taking it slow and looking pretty much everywhere. There is so much to see, and if you go too fast or focus on just eye level you are going to miss some pretty interesting and sometimes quirky things. Sometimes you will find tasty and interesting looking treats, if you take the time to look in a window.

Tasty treats in a Venice Store

Sometimes you might find an interesting and unique light fitting, if you take the time to look up.

A dragon holding a light fitting made of umbrella’s

Or maybe these interesting water fountains (which I am told you can safely drink from) if you take the time to look down.

Water fountain, the pigeon got there first

Sometimes though especially when you are taking photos where you are looking does not really play a big part in it. What is more important is actually seeing what is in front of you and getting the composition right. If you see a lot of the photos I take, the apparent rules of photography are not really followed, but I try and capture something interesting and different.

A door. A window. An Alley.

I did find that one nice thing about Venice was the buildings. There is so much variety of buildings, from so many different eras in the past. Some are old, and worn and run down, while others have a specific architectural style, and some it is just the vibrant colours that give a certain look and feel to the area.

Chiesa Di San Rocco

The colours along some of the canals are quite interesting

Whichever way I look at Venice, while it was just another European city before it is now kind of a place that I would like more time to fully explore. One or two days is just not enough, maybe a week may not be enough, but it is a place that I will return to in the future and explore some more. If you have visited Venice I would love to hear your thoughts, just leave a comment below.