Dubrovnik was really the last port before the cruise arrived to the disembarkation port in Venice, Italy. As it turns out the day the ship arrived to Dubrovnik there were four other cruise ships also in port, of course creating a very busy city for the day. Even with this being the case I was not about to let a few extra people spoil the day.

The tour today was primarily a walking tour around the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik. It is said that it is one of the best preserved Walled cities in Europe, and when you visit the city you really can see how well it is preserved. In 1979 Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

However before arriving into Dubrovnik the tour took a short drive through a small area of the countryside. Even though this was primarily on the bus it was still possible to capture a couple of photos.

The countryside of Croatia

Looking over the Rooftops heading towards the Old Walled city of Dubrovnik

Inside the Walled City there are no cars, getting around is pretty much only by foot. The problem with just about any other form of transport is because of how the city is laid out. This is mostly in the shape of a V where everything on either side of the main street has at some point a gentle raise in elevation and this ultimately means steps.

Stairs are a part of life in Dubrovnik, plus to see this you need to head away from the main tourist area

As you start climbing some of the stairs and getting into some of the higher area’s of the city you can find some rather interesting and unique views of the city, such as this.

Interesting view between some buildings in Dubrovnik, across the rooftops

Considering the number of people that would likely have been in the city when you look at the capacity of the five cruise ships in port, it was surprisingly easy to get away from the masses. For the most part the majority of the tourists seemed to stay in the main street or fairly close to it, with many also braving the walk around the top of the city walls. This meant that it was rather easy to find some great spots that really there was no one else around.

A lane way in the city of Dubrovnik

The entrance to Marco Polo Cafe in Dubrovnik

While there were a great many tourists in the city, one thing many people often forget is that even though there are all these tourists around the city is still a real operating city. There are people that live here and they still do need to go about their daily lives as well. So it was no surprise that I found a market, which was primarily selling fresh produce.

Strawberries at the market in Dubrovnik

While it may be obvious from the range of photo’s that I have shared over the past four months, just how photographic many cities in Europe are. I must say it outright, they do provide many great photographic scenes, which unlike some old cities/towns in others areas of the world which have been recreated, these scenes are genuine; they are authentic, and not just created for the tourists. Finding this sort of scene just catches my eye.

An old door and window in a stone wall

Dubrovnik was not the only interesting sight today though. At the pier close by to our ship was another yacht in port. The yacht was “Al Said” which currently is the 3rd largest Mega Yacht in the world, owned by the Sultan of Oman.

Mega yacht Al Said – 3rd largest Mega yacht in the World

Finally it was time for the day to end and set sail from Dubrovnik. It really was a wonderful day in port and the weather was perfect for an on deck sail away, to see the scenery and really to just enjoy the weather.

On deck of the Nieuw Amsterdam for sail away from Dubrovnik

Have you visited Dubrovnik? I would love to hear about your experience in the city, so feel free to share in the comments below.