Katakolo, was the second port of call in Greece for the cruise and I think possibly the smallest town we were to visit as well. With a population around 600 (from the most recent figures I could find), there is not a whole heap to do in the area, but there could be enough to fill one day, if you don’t mind a walk. Even with the small size of the town, every year cruise ships stop in the port, as the location is one of the best to get to Olympia.

Due to such a port intensive Itinerary for the last two weeks of the cruise, I choose to skip the tour today and see what I could on my own. Sticking primarily with Katakolo itself, I was able to get around and see more than enough without taxing myself too much in the process. The day really could not have been more perfect with Blue skies and the sun out shining.

On the dock in Katakolo, Greece

Within 10 minutes of disembarking the ship I had walked the length of the main street, and was beginning to wonder what I would do for the rest of the day. As it turns out I ended up coming across a small train tour that for five Euro’s would take me on a short tour to see a little of the countryside. In about 30 minutes the trip went through the fields to another small village just outside Katakolo and back again.

View over the fields from Little Train Tour

After the little train ride, I was going to take a look inside the church, however it seemed to be closed at the time and I could not take a look inside. From the outside I think it would have been a rather nice simple interior, however I will have to find out if I make it back to this area again.

Church in Katakolo

Still relatively early in the morning, I felt it was time to get in the walking loop that was marked on the map I had found. It was not a long walk, however I thought it would be a good way to use up some of the time and see some of the views from a higher view point. This was a rather nice walk, except at both ends were plenty of stairs.

Stairs for a hilltop walk behind Katakolo

The pathway on the hilltop walk

Finishing the loop I spent a little more time wandering up and down the main street again. For such a small town the number of shops and cafe’s heavily reflects the tourist trade that comes from the cruise ships. One of the waterfront cafe’s is where I spent the remainder of the afternoon and it was really very peaceful and a nice way to finish the day.

This is an area that I would look to return to at some point in the future, not really to see Katakolo again, but to see the surrounding area. Olympia would be interesting to see, and there are a number of other nice places nearby. It would just require more time than you may be able to get on a cruise ship.