One of my passions is Photography, and sharing the results of that photography with the world. As I work though sorting and processing the photo’s that I have taken while travelling, I find some that I want to share.

While I do share a lot while I am on the road, this is generally a fairly quick process. I really just find the best picture I have that illustrates what I am talking about. While in this stage that I am working through now, I find the hidden gems. Photo’s that may not be outstanding in themselves but with a little work, highlight and extend a different perspective of a country or city, place or thing.

Please enjoy these galleries, and get in touch if you would like to share a story, comment or criticism with me.

12 Cities I Love in Black and White

I found that while testing some things some of the photos I have highlight a point much better when colour is not involved. It just so happens I was able to find photos from each of 12 cities that I love to visit that worked out well here.

More Galleries to come soon.